The surveys provided by our national network of knowledgeable licensed surveyors provide a critical point of differentiation between CTS and our competitors, who routinely hire contractors that simply plot the legal description of the cell tower property without ever being on site.

Instead, the licensed surveyors we partner with provide an actual as-built survey of the cell tower property, identifying issues – such as a lack of legal access – that could derail a project and working with you to develop appropriate solutions.

Our raw land surveys are equally thorough and collaborative. We start with your sketch, survey the property, work with you to overcome any hurdles, provide the necessary paperwork – including FAA 1A and 2C certification letters – and perform a final as-built survey to ensure your intent is matched as closely as possible.

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“Certa Tower Services serves as a nexus between surveyors and wireless communication professionals, combining both the local expertise and knowledge of surveyors with a consistent product tailored to the client's specific needs. From my perspective as a surveyor, Certa is easy to work with, with an open line of communication and a clearly defined set of requirements for any project, which I appreciate.”

David W. Grant, PS
North Coast Geomatics

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