About Certa Tower Services

Founded by industry veteran Sean Pietrowski in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Certa Tower Services has the expertise, nationwide partnerships and commitment to customer service necessary to deliver the real estate services coordination that cell tower owners need, including environmental reports, as-built surveys and permit reviews.

Our network of professionals and our dedication to customer service truly set CTS apart from our competitors, who routinely hand off service requests to local contractors and don’t think about the project again until they send whatever the contractor provided to the tower owner.

In contrast, CTS collaborates closely with licensed surveyors and other professionals on the ground to ensure every aspect of a project is considered and reviewed – before you receive our final report.

We Speak Your Language

Thanks to our years of industry expertise, nothing is lost in translation. We’re in regular contact with our professional partners and our clients and can alert you to potential roadblocks before they turn into real problems.

Our in-house staff has the expertise and industry knowledge to work hand-in-hand with local professionals and tower owners, securing additional permits as needed, sharing critical information, identifying solutions and revising reports to provide a final product that allows you to continue operations with no interruption.

Our industry knowledge combined with our commitment to customer service give us the flexibility and agility to quickly and efficiently coordinate the real estate services that cell tower owners rely on.

In Tune with Your Concerns

CTS clients also benefit from the fact that cell towers are our only focus, unlike competitors who run multi-disciplined real estate or legal conglomerates and offer cell tower services as an afterthought.

Cell towers are our business. We have an intimate understanding of your concerns and a level of industry knowledge that allows us to view the project through a cell tower owner’s eyes, identifying and resolving stumbling points and then delivering a final report tailored to your needs.

Our innate flexibility and attention to detail mean the final report meets your scheduling requirements, too. You’ll receive the report on time and on budget.

Contact CTS today for real estate coordination services designed with your business in mind.

“Working with Certa Tower Services is a great experience with tower surveying services. Our companies collaboratively create professional documents and surveys that clearly depict the as-built locations of the tower and the appurtenant easements for each site. Certa has the experience and the resources to allow for a seemless transition from field to drawing on all sites that we have performed together.”

Al Kesler, PLS, PSM, GISP
Southern Geomatics Services, LLC

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